Permanent DTC Dedicated monitor cycle

Dedicated monitor cycle

If you’d rather not perform a Universal Trip Drive Pattern, performing three dedicated monitor cycles will also clear a permanent DTC. This way takes more time and some research, but it works and it’s always good to know more than one way to get things done.

To clear the Permanent DTC using a dedicated monitor cycle, start by repairing the fault that caused the DTC in the first place. Then clear all the codes except for the permanent DTC (if it were that easy, there’d be no problems), and make sure the Permanent DTC is the only one left.

Then look up the details for that specific monitor drive cycle in the repair manual, and road test the vehicle under those conditions — three separate times. You’ll need to complete three of these cycles (from cold start if applicable) to successfully clear the code. After the monitor runs three times with no problems the code will clear and you’ll be happy (confirm this, though).

Changing technology is nothing new, and Permanent DTC legislation is nothing you can’t handle. A diagnostic trouble code is still, in its simplest form, a sign that an input to the computer wasn’t within the range of what the computer’s been told is acceptable. The basics are still the same, even if the repair strategy changed a bit.

Understanding what’s going on, performing the monitor drive cycle exactly as the repair manual directs, and remembering that the driving force behind this change is a fairer testing process (and ultimately lower pollution levels) will hopefully make this new technology easier to deal with. Because we all know that even more changes will be arriving shortly

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