Franchise Opportunities

Who We are ?
Smogster is 19 year old running smog business attracting customer from all over southern California with our great customer service and price. Our customer’s are always looking for closet location to there commute and community. So there is always Growing opportunities for you to join smog check community of Smogster Customers
How Its Works ?
Smogster will look in to place of your desire search area and will help you find location that will fit best for you and your customers. We normally don’t allow any other Smogster Franchise with in 10-15 miles radius unless high demand by area. Here is Process :
1: Find Place
2: Get Place Approved By Us
3: Get Approved for Franchise ( Required To Fill Application, Franchise Fee And Sign Terms For Franchise)
4: ARD & TC Registration With State
5: 4-6 Week Wait Period For State ARD & TC Issue
6: Order Equipment ( We recommend Lease )
7: Inspection By State
After Inspection By State You are Ready to start your Business

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